Practice the Art of Summer!

Summer is here, and it presents all kinds of exciting opportunities for artists and crafters! Take advantage of the nice weather and time off, and practice the Art of Summer! Here are some suggestions for how to work art into your summer plans, to have a creative season and artistic vacation!
This blog post will be liberally sprinkled with gorgeous and tenuously related stock photos for your summer art inspiration!
Get Messy!– When the weather is nice, the world is your dropcloth! Get yourself a tarp and try all those things you couldn’t do indoors- throw some gesso, try a “dirty pour,” splatter paint, tye-dye, spray paint, work large scale, and free your mind!
This guy knows what we’re talking about.

Get Looking Around!– This is the time of year for outdoor art and craft fairs and plein air painting. Get out there and see who is doing what! It’s a great time to take a stroll and see what your neighborhood artists have been up to all Winter. Talk with artists with similar styles and compare techniques. Check out outdoor art shows and observe new trends and styles. Support local artists and craftsmen by buying directly from them at these events!

That is a serious grid.
Get Out There!– Try Plein Air sketching and painting! Park yourself somewhere pretty, take a hike, tuck a small sketchbook into a pocket and wander off. Plein Air mediums like watercolor or pen sketching allow you to draw and paint in areas that would be uncomfortable in Winter. Go get a fresh perspective and take your art on the go!
If you can sketch here, you’ve hit the Plein Air jackpot!
Get Your Garden in Order!– Use this opportunity to turn your art on your garden, balcony, or other outdoor areas! Refresh your garden signs using paint pens, paint some decorative rocks, make some cool mosaic stepping stones, build a birdhouse, spraypaint outdoor furniture to update your decor, decorate some flower pots, and just generally beautify your outdoor space!
These could use some paint!
 Get Into Nature!– Try incorporating nature into your artwork! Use summer flowers for a still-life, or get outdoors to draw some summer fauna. Try using leaves and found natural objects to make awesome gel monoprints or Solar-Fast dyed t-shirts!
I bet we can think of 5 different ways to use a sunflower!
 Get Prepared!– Even Summer days aren’t all nice- snag a Summer Grab Bag and stow it away for a rainy day! These $19.99 packs are a great value (most contents are 30% off MSRP) and great fun. We’ve hand-packed kits for everything from painting to pipecleaner animals! Stock up now and you’ll never be bored!
It can’t all be fun in the sun…
 Get Printing!– Our Repro department isn’t just for architects- there are some crazy fun things you can do in Repro! Print a huge banner for a family reunion! Get a foamboard cutout made of a friend or celeb, and pose with the Pope or the Prez at your backyard BBQ! Blow up a huge copy of your little brothers most embarrassing photo for his birthday! Make a crazy collage for a friends wedding! Sky’s the limit!
This pic has nothing to do with Repro, but we figured some extra pretty stock photos wouldn’t hurt anyone… Although you could always order a canvas print!

Get Framed!– Take your vacation snapshots, your gorgeous panoramas, and all your getaway sketches to our framing counter and let us preserve your Summer memories in a gorgeous frame!

If, for instance, you vacationed here, you could frame this picture to make all your friends jealous. I’d be jealous.

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