3 Reasons to Custom Frame Your License or Diploma

From pet stores, to beauty salons, to lawyers, to doctors, many businesses have official documents which are required by law to be posted in public view. Diplomas, certificates, licenses, awards…there’s a plethora of important paperwork that should be visible to clients and customers. While business people are required to “post” these documents, there is nothing that requires them to be posted nicely. All too often, I see them taped to walls, crooked inside plastic frames, fading in direct sunlight, and crinkling in humidity. Here are 3 reasons I believe you and your business can benefit from custom framing these documents instead.

It looks more professional- The whole reason we are required to post certificates and licenses is to prove that we are trained and certified professionals at what we do. A slap-dash framed license makes you look unprofessional and careless. No one is reassured by seeing a doctor or dentist with a slovenly diploma. If they can’t take care of an important document, how well will they take care of you? Even a Harvard diploma looks trashy when it’s crooked and pressed up against the glass in a cheap frame. A bad frame on your diploma is the equivalent of showing up to work wearing a Snuggie. Sure, you’re technically present, but it’s not going to impress your clients at all. Consider your workplace framing as an important aspect of brand image. Your office likely has a dress code, and I’d suggest your framing should follow it- if your place of business is all scrubs and sensible shoes, a simple no-nonsense frame will convey your attitude and skills to clients waiting for medical care. If you work in an office that’s got a suit-and-tie standard, let your frame impart your competence and professionalism with richly stained wood and linen, or modern minimalist glass and metal.

How Not To Do It: This license is wrinkled, faded, and generally sketchy

It shows pride in your workA Veterinarian I know went a little over the top framing his diploma, and when asked if he was okay with the higher final price and the large frame, he said “This diploma is what I’ve spent the last 8 years working towards, of course I’m going to make a big deal of it.” He was proud of all the work he had put into becoming a doctor, and this diploma was a visible, physical reminder of all he had accomplished. For people in high-stress jobs (and really, what job isn’t stressful?), it can be a powerful reassurance to see a physical representation of their accomplishments. After a difficult day at work, you can see proof of your own achievements hung like a big sign on the wall saying “You did it!” This can be especially helpful for high-achievers who have trouble with “Imposter Syndrome.” Well-framed diplomas, accolades, licenses and certificates can all reassure you, and your customers and clients, that “You’ve earned this.” 


Now that’s an impressive diploma!

It will protect your valuable certificate– Of course, some things are not meant for the grand look- for instance, state-issued business licenses aren’t really intended to be gorgeous framed artwork. We’re not suggesting a full custom frame job on every OSHA flyer! Framing is not just for visual impact, it’s also for protection, and protecting your paper certifications is the practical thing to do. That piece of paper is the legal proof of your hard work and education and professional status- so you should treat it nicely! If it’s not properly framed, it can decay, bleach, fade and become brittle. It will destroy itself, just by being framed cheaply! The important things to make sure you consider (as we’ve repeated almost ad nauseum) are acid free backing and UV protective glass. If UV damage causes the certificate to bleach out, have you really still got your license posted as required? If your “Voted Best” award gets acid burns from the backing and changes color, does that help your business image or hurt it? Is your diploma still valid if the Dean’s signature fades under fluorescent lights?  Most of those kinds of certifications can be re-issued, but if you take the time to frame it right, you won’t have to order a potentially costly or inconvenient replacement.

Merion Art’s License: Not visually exciting, but very well protected!

We hope this post has caused you to think about the state of your certificates, licenses and diplomas. Does your diploma fit the image you want your business to impart to new customers? Does looking at your certification documents make you feel a sense of accomplishment and pride, or does the look of them make you start thinking of excuses? What messages are your posted licenses conveying to your customers and to your staff? If you’d like to improve the look and longevity of your diploma, license or certificate, bring them in and let one of our talented framers take a look. We promise to make it look professional! Click here for a special deal for upgrading your professional certifications!



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