Plein Air Spring Sale Product Spotlight!

Spring is FINALLY here! (Okay, so far it’s been more like summer, but it’s better than The-Winter-That-Would-Not-End) It’s finally time to get outside for some Plein air painting! We’re having a plein-air-centric Spring Sale to celebrate the lovely weather and encourage everyone to get out there and paint! This sale continues ’til June 21st, so there’s time to try all kinds of different plein air techniques and materials. Here are some details on what products are on sale, and why you should get excited:

Daniel Smith Watercolors 30% Off-

ds watercolorDaniel Smith has been making their Extra Fine Watercolors for 25 years. They specifically focus on producing unique colors with high performance as to lightfastness and permanence. This is an especially important quality for watercolors, as they can be notoriously fugitive.  Their pigments come from high quality minerals including some you’re used to seeing in the form of semi-precious stones, such as amethyst and hematite.  Fun fact, “Daniel Smith was the first manufacturer to use the high-performance Quinacridone pigments for artists paints,” so if you have a love for a good Quin Rose, thank them! To learn more about their process and the science that backs it up, check their website, where you’ll find a wealth of details about their milling process, chemical makeup of their pigments, and information about paint granulation. Plein air painters can always benefit from DS’s many one-of-a-kind colors, including their PrimaTek paints and Luminescent watercolors, which give a “sparkle, sheen, or reflective glow” and can kick your paintings into high gear.

Koi Watercolor Sets 20% off, (& Free Pack of Fluid Paper With 30, 36, or 48 Set)

koi48setKoi Watercolor sets are an amazing one-stop-shop sort of product for those looking to paint on the go. The larger sets have 30, 36, or 48 half-pan high pigment watercolors in a convenient plastic case, with a detachable palette and a snap-shut lid that doubles as a teeny easel. The case is around 6″x10″ which is easy to slip into a medium sized bag and take anywhere, and only weighs about a pound. Each kit includes Koi brand water brushes, so you don’t even need to worry about where to store your water cup. The case even has a little pull down ring on the bottom for easy gripping!  We’re selling them this Spring for 20% off, PLUS you get a free sample pack of the full line of Fluid watercolor papers. Speaking of which…

Fluid 100 Watercolor Paper 20% Off

fluid100This is the professional quality line of Fluid Watercolor papers. Fluid 100 is a 100% cotton premium archival paper, “made with a combination of traditional papermaking techniques and modern technology.” Sized with gelatin, these papers are an excellent value for any plein air painter. They come in 140lb and 300lb cold press, and 140lb hot press. Fluid’s “Easy Block” system is a godsend for plein air painters. Easy Blocks are glued on the two long edges, allowing for the structure of a block with much easier paper removal. Fluid 100 comes in a wider selection of dimensions than your average watercolor pad- opening up your painting possibilities. Easy Blocks go all the way down to the pocket-sized 4×6, and larger sizes include square options. Regular Fluid watercolor pads include pads at 4×8, 16×16 and 6×18, among many others. These dimensions allow plein air painters to do panorama paintings or small scale studies with ease. If you’re a longtime Arches or Strathmore user, give these a try!

Jack Richeson Soft Pastels 20% Off

21942-group2ww-mIf you’re not big on wet media for plein air, pastels offer an opportunity for portable “painting” without worrying about solvents or rinse water. With pastels, there’s no worrying about dry time, or having the right brush, leaving the artist free to concentrate on light, color, and content. This Spring, we’ve got all our open stock soft pastels on sale, including 20% off Jack Richeson Handmade Soft Pastels. Richeson Soft Pastels are “versatile, vibrant, and well-made,” offering a gorgeous  velvety finish. These soft pastels offer “Superior lightfastness, professional quality” and a selection of 120 colors. Unlike some crumbly softer pastels, these offer consistent application without breaking apart, and hold up well to travel, making them perfect plein-air companions.


Guerrilla Products 30% Off

When you’re ready to get serious about plein air painting, you’re ready to look at Guerrilla products. Their series of high quality plein air accessories are amazing- they range from pochade boxes, to tripods, to portable chairs and umbrellas! Their BestBuddy Plus is a combination carryall, shade, and folding travel chair that even includes a pillow for lumbar support. It also includes a shade umbrella to keep the sun from melting your creative brain! It allows you to pack everything you need for a good art outing, and wheel it to wherever your heart desires. Their pochade boxes are amazingly efficient- the CigarBox has a hinged lid that can accommodate two 8″x10″ panels, and the pallette slides out to reveal space for paints.  The ThumBox kit can hold two wet 6×8 panels in the lid, and comes with 4 short handled brushes, a brush washer, a composition finder, a detachable pallette, and a bag to hold it all together. The price tag can feel like a commitment, but their worth shows through in the thoughtful design and construction. Grab them while they’re on sale for a great value!


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