Merion Art Adventure! Saturday June 9th 1-4pm

Come and join us for Merion Art Adventure: an afternoon of creativity and fun, presented by Merion Art, and First Friday Mainline. From 1-4pm on Saturday, June 9th, come check out live art demos, view original artwork by local artists, try some tasty food and drinks, and generally enjoy yourself on a Saturday afternoon in downtown Ardmore!

Our creative company of local artists will be out in the warm air, demonstrating their artwork, painting and drawing live for your viewing pleasure, and answering questions about their work and the materials they use. You can even try out all the different mediums, and make some art to take home! Below, you can check out our guest list of artistic demonstrators, and explore their work!


Oil Painting- Justine Babcock has been working as an illustrator and fine artist in Ardmore for over a decade. Her personal work reflects her intense interest in all things fantastical and ghoulish, drawing aesthetic influence from the rich tradition of golden age illustration. You can find more of her work online at Justine will be demonstrating the oil paints she uses to bring her whimsical visions to life.


kenney1Intricate Paper-Cutting– Since graduation, six years ago from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania’s BFA program, Melissa Kenney (@kenneykutouts) has been producing and showing work in Philadelphia. Departing from her earlier works made primarily with charcoal and pastel, she began experimenting with cutting cardstock to create layered, intricate works. This new direction jump started her business Kenney Kut-Outs & Illustrations. Melissa’s work can be found online at and at Art shows throughout the Philadelphia area. Melissa will be demonstrating her cut-paper artwork and techniques.



32293984_2501237746569064_3306956038590169088_nDevin Marshall creates jewelry, miniature food models and fantasy decorations out of epoxy resin, silicone, molds, acrylic paint and air-dry clay. Through the name “CuteAndWonder,” they seek to combat darkness in the world by creating things that bring out a child-like sense of awe and wonder. Bright colors and shiny, glittery magic may evoke the sense of a time long past, but Marshall plans to cultivate this feeling and turn it into a sense of renewed hope. The Northern California native now seeks inspiration around the Philadelphia area. They’ll be demonstrating their clay miniatures at Art Adventure!




Acrylic Painting – Ya-Meer is a self-taught, South-West-Philadelphia-based acrylic painter. His paintings are often portraits of prominent black cultural icons and historical figures. He defines their faces using abstract areas of color playing off lines and fields of black paint. Known for his “drippy” Acrylic portraits, melting color blends and Futurist ideas, Ya-Meer creates bold, stimulating visual experiences. Check out his amazing artwork on his website and on Instagram @hades_blue_phi 



take it easyOil Pastels- Jen is a mixed-media artist from Long Island with a degree in Art and Art History from Drew University in NJ. She incorporates oil pastels, the written word, traditional acrylic painting, metallic paints, decoupage, and Golden mediums into colorful multilayered works on panel.  She thinks of herself as an artistic Swiss-army knife, as she has experience with art materials retail, custom framing, graphic design, and computer art as well as traditional fine art mediums. She incorporates these diverse experiences into her artwork through the use of handwriting, printed images and text, and the merging of her handmade and computer-made artwork. This Saturday, she’ll be demonstrating oil pastels, exploring different oil pastel brands, techniques, and applications. Her work can be viewed or purchased on her etsy shop, StrangeFamiliars.


jay.jpgMixed Media and Acrylic Paint– J is a fine artist originally from Philadelphia, PA, specializing in mixed media pieces on both wood and canvas, in addition to classic oil paintings.  He studied painting and graphic design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, as well as the Art Institute of Philadelphia and has exhibited many times in Philadelphia, New York, and New Jersey.  His work makes use of bright, often metallic colors with a variety of media to create a psychedelic ‘fabric’ of sorts with a variety of subject matter. He’ll be demonstrating his mixed media acrylic painting style at Art Adventure this weekend.



AssataDetail#1Watercolor– Vessna is an artist based in Philadelphia, PA. She says of her work, “Through my art, I reclaim who I am, what I have to say, and how I want to say it. Art, has always been my space of freedom. Art allows me to be as big, loud and powerful as I want to be- to encourage others to live boldly, challenge structures, and create experiences that connect across boundaries. Freedom in art for me involves learning to recognize disenfranchisement, detaching its weight from my shoulders, to let it be carried by collective struggle. I am inspired by stories of resilience and revolution, in particular by Malcolm X, Assata Shakur, James Baldwin, Gabrielle Union and Angela Davis…Using a combination of watercolors on wood, watercolor on Dura-lar, poetry, beats, movement and voice, I orchestrate performances where we may challenge our fears, craft our freedom and nurture our empowerment.” Check out more of her work online at At Merion Art Adventure, Vessna will be demonstrating the techniques she uses for her beautiful watercolor portraiture.



aprilmade2Handmade Jewelry– Local craftsman April says “I’ve been obsessed with making things for as long as I could remember. When I realized that I could make things that I could wear and show off, I was hooked! I’ve been passionate about jewelry-making ever since. I also had a love for crocheting ever since I taught myself at 12 years old. Through the years I’ve strived to combine my loves of fibers, crocheting and metalworking. After I graduated from the University of the Arts in 2011, I started getting serious about making my own line of work and selling. aprilmadeI make a broad range of work, from the elaborate one-of-a-kind pieces shown in art galleries, to simple earrings and stacking rings for everyday wear. I hope you enjoy wearing my creations as much as I loved creating them!” You can view and buy some of April’s jewelry here, at She’ll be selling her handmade creations at Art Adventure, answering questions about her techniques, and demonstrating wire weaving!



Black Hole SunAbstract Art- Jeremy Petrachonis is an American painter from Hazleton, PA, who is known for his unique abstract style, and specializes in color, as well as black and white compositions. He is also a sculptor, as well as an actor, musician, and merchandiser, with a BA degree from Penn State in the Drawing/Painting field. He has already exhibited in many places around the United States, including art scene staples such as New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington DC, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, with plans of exhibiting internationally. Along with his rise to artistic fame, he always loves to expand his artistic vision in ways that many people thought would never be possible! Jeremy will be demonstrating abstract art at Art Adventure.



Wall d’ Art Interactive Art Guides

Linda and Alice will be the artist guides for the Wall d’Art program sponsored by First Friday Mainline. Participants will be invited to make 3×3 inch small pieces of original artwork, with the help of our interactive art guides, which will hang in the custom made Wall d’Art structures, which will be displayed locally after the event. All ages are welcome to take part in creating quick, interactive artwork using paints, india ink, crayon resist, watercolor, markers, and other mediums and techniques!


Alice Dustin is an oil painter who delights in color and is known for her impressionistic style, a natural result of alla prima painting. She appreciates the understated and ultimately finds harmony in simple themes. Dustin’s themes range from still life to land or cityscape and include the figure and the animal world.

ALICEglass_vase_creamer_apple.JPGAlice Dustin’s professional career began with languages and teaching. She holds an MAT from Harvard and a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. She is the mother of two grown children and when they no longer needed her time, she began painting in and out of class. She studied with several Philadelphia artists and now teaches oil painting with Main Line School Night. Alice shows with galleries in the Philadelphia area as well as in NY, DE, and MA. To see more of her artwork, check out her website.


lindaLinda Giovagnoli is a retired high school teacher and local artist. She settled in Malvern, PA and is the mother of two grown children.  Linda loves her two dogs, is passionate about nature, lives simply, and strives to be a positive presence. Artistically, she is free spirited, and likes to have fun with colors and mixed media painting.



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