6 Ways To Rock The Canvas Big Buy Sale!

Merion Art’s Canvas Big Buy Sale is back, with 60-70% off artist quality canvas from Masterpiece and Art Alternatives! Here’s how it works: you’ll order FULL boxes of any size and shape of canvas now through October 31st (the discount does not apply to single canvases). Canvases come in boxes of 2, 3, 6, or 10 depending on size- talk to one of our associates for details on quantity and pricing. Your boxes will be available for pickup in mid November, and you can coast into 2019 on a huge pile of incredibly cheap art supplies.  Not sure what you’d do with a whole box of canvases? Here are some suggestions for ways to really take advantage of these deep discounts!

1- Go Big or Go Home

studio.jpegScaling up your work can give you amazing visual impact, not to mention the freedom and space to get way into detail. If price is what held you back from working large-scale, now’s the time to try! Let’s do some professional-canvas math: The normal MSRP of a box of three 48″x 60″ Masterpiece Monet Sausalito canvases $717.00 – that’s $239 each. A box of three during our sale costs $286.80: that’s only $95.60 each (the cost of a same brand Monet 18″x 24″ canvas at list price)! Pump up the volume and live large!

2- …or Go Small

canvasMaybe scale is not your style, or you prefer to go for quantity over quality: there’s no reason you can’t go small! Boxes of smaller canvases usually contain 8-10 canvases, as opposed to just 3-6 per box for bigger canvases, so if you work small, you can get a big stack of supplies. Order several boxes of itty-bitty canvases and try an art-a-day challenge! Or hang small paintings together and create a mini-art wall- right now it costs less than $55 for thirty 5×5” Art Alternatives canvases; a $180 value at list price! This deal is great if you’re looking for supplies for an upcoming kids class or paint party!

3- Divide and Conquer

ArtAlternatives_canvas_pileNo one said you’ve got to commit to the same canvas all the time- change it up and split it up. Only need one or two canvases? Find a group of people to chip in and split a box. Or, go in with friends to buy a bunch of boxes of different canvas styles/shapes/dimensions, and trade so you can each try several different kinds of canvas! 

4- Treat Yo Self

onebrushUse these massive discounts as an excuse to upgrade! If you usually paint on studio-depth canvas, try gallery canvases for sturdier stretchers and dramatic depth.  Masterpiece canvas has a luxurious feel, and the stretcher bars are designed for incredible sturdiness and longevity. If you paint on student grade canvas, take this opportunity to try some of  Masterpiece’s high quality artist’s canvases to kick your art up a notch! Alternately, buy the same canvas you usually use, and use the savings to upgrade your paints or brushes.  

5- Treat someone else!

zap-canvas-5It’s not too early to start holiday shopping! If you’ve got an artist on your list, this is a great way to make your holiday shopping budget go farther. Surprise the professional painter in your life by stocking their studio with Masterpiece canvas for Hanukkah or Christmas. Support student artists by giving them artist quality materials to work with, or go for quantity by buying large batches of student grade canvas to practice on. Artists do better work when they don’t have to worry about where the next canvas is coming from!

6- Get Weird

colorcanvases.jpegGo ahead and try something you’ve never tried before! Give Art Alternatives black gessoed canvas a go for a different ground, and explore the properties of light in your work. Try round or triangular canvases and break out of the right-angled mold. Try a massively narrow canvas, like 12 x 72,  for a long or incredibly tall composition! Experiment with multiple canvases to create a diptych or triptych or other multi-part composition! The only limit is your imagination 🙂

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