Curate Your Life

Curation in the art world involves the selection and organization of works of art for display. It requires careful attention, mindfulness, and thoughtful decision-making. Art curators choose what will appear in a show or exhibit, and decide which pieces will go where. Choosing where something will go can be as important as choosing what pieces … More Curate Your Life

Gift Guide: Art Accessories and Furniture

When making art at the kitchen table just won’t cut it anymore, it’s time to invest in some heavy duty art furniture and accessories. These accessories make fantastic holiday gifts! They’re the sort of big-purchase items that many artists will try to forbear buying…and once they get them, they’ll wonder how they ever did without! Easels … More Gift Guide: Art Accessories and Furniture

Gifts For The “Creative But Not Artistic” Person:

As artists, we like to convert others to art. It’s not always easy: We all know loads of people who resist. Maybe it’s someone with a stressful or boring job who needs a creative outlet but can’t think of themselves as an artist, or maybe it’s a social media addict who adores Instagram but never … More Gifts For The “Creative But Not Artistic” Person: