Brush Basics

At Merion Art, we talk to newbies as often as we talk to experienced artists. For every driven creative who comes in with a brand name, size, shape and color, we have someone who comes in asking “I need a brush- how do I even choose?” We speak to countless moms or new students standing, … More Brush Basics

Priming: A Primer

Gesso, GAC 100, rabbit skin glue, priming, sanding, absorbent grounds! Some kind of primer will be the first layer of product on practically any painting and several kinds of drawings, but for something so basic it can become a complicated subject! Additionally, because it is so fundamental, it can often be overlooked. We often talk … More Priming: A Primer

Why You Should Shop Small, Local, & In Person For Art Supplies

These days most people know it’s good to “Shop Small” or “Think Globally, Shop Locally,” but they don’t always know why. You may buy all organic local vegetables, but don’t know why you’d be better off buying your paints or canvas from a small local store like Merion Art, rather than at a big-box store or online. Here are some reasons why shopping for your art supplies in person, at small, local stores can be good for you, your community, and your wallet, all at the same time. … More Why You Should Shop Small, Local, & In Person For Art Supplies

In Praise of Art Supply Brand Websites

“While we always recommend talking to your Art Materials Retailer for info on your art supplies, sometimes it’s more effective to go straight to the source. After all, the people who make your favorite art supplies often have an incredibly deep knowledge of the products they develop. Many art supply manufacturers have websites with a wealth of information that can be useful to the artist who reads carefully. Manufacturer websites can also be a great place to find safety sheets, detailed product specifications, project ideas, art communities, specialized apps, and more. Here are a few manufacturer websites which we feel merit special recognition.” … More In Praise of Art Supply Brand Websites

Exciting New Products, and Why We Chose Them!

“At Merion Art, we are constantly bringing in new products throughout the year to make sure we’re carrying the most interesting, useful, and up-to-date art supplies. Along with all the logistical changes going on at Merion Art right now, (like the store remodel and a planned outer-facade facelift) we’re also getting in a larger-than-usual surge of exciting new items in the near future, and we want to give our customers a heads up!” … More Exciting New Products, and Why We Chose Them!

“WORTH IT!” What To Prioritize When Buying Art Supplies

“For the savvy artist, shopping for art supplies can be a delicate balancing act. You try to walk the fine line between buying the highest quality materials and going broke. The trick is knowing which items you can save on, and which items to splurge on. We often trade tips about where we can cut corners and how to save money, but what about the other side of the equation? We asked our staff of experienced artists: when buying art supplies, which things do you always recommend spending a little extra money on?” … More “WORTH IT!” What To Prioritize When Buying Art Supplies