Merion Art Adventure! Saturday June 9th 1-4pm

Come and join us for Merion Art Adventure: an afternoon of creativity and fun, presented by Merion Art, and First Friday Mainline. From 1-4pm on Saturday, June 9th, come check out live art demos, view original artwork by local artists, try some tasty food and drinks, and generally enjoy yourself on a Saturday afternoon in downtown Ardmore! … More Merion Art Adventure! Saturday June 9th 1-4pm

Plein Air Spring Sale Product Spotlight!

Spring is FINALLY here! (Okay, so far it’s been more like summer, but it’s better than The-Winter-That-Would-Not-End) It’s finally time to get outside for some Plein air painting! We’re having a plein-air-centric Spring Sale to celebrate the lovely weather and encourage everyone to get out there and paint! This sale continues ’til June 21st, so there’s time to try all kinds of different plein air techniques. Here are some details on what products are on sale, and why you should get excited: … More Plein Air Spring Sale Product Spotlight!

The Many Uses of Vintage Pantone Papers

The Many Uses of Vintage Pantone Papers- Back in the day, in the 1970s and 80s, computers were not ubiquitous. Designers needed ways to control colors and gradients in their artwork, without the aid of Adobe programs. This is where Pantone Paper came in…When computers rose to prominence, we were often left with a huge stock of Pantone papers. They are beautiful, useful, interesting, and historical, and we’d love to get some of these papers into the hands of an adoring public again. … More The Many Uses of Vintage Pantone Papers

Curate Your Life

Curation in the art world involves the selection and organization of works of art for display. It requires careful attention, mindfulness, and thoughtful decision-making. Art curators choose what will appear in a show or exhibit, and decide which pieces will go where. Choosing where something will go can be as important as choosing what pieces … More Curate Your Life