Keep on Changing!

At Merion Art, our staff is full of creative people- artists, designers, and more. Creative people are always looking at things as they are and trying to improve them. They have a spirit of progress and change. So it’s no surprise that over the last year, and especially in the last couple of weeks, we’ve … More Keep on Changing!

Curate Your Life

Curation in the art world involves the selection and organization of works of art for display. It requires careful attention, mindfulness, and thoughtful decision-making. Art curators choose what will appear in a show or exhibit, and decide which pieces will go where. Choosing where something will go can be as important as choosing what pieces … More Curate Your Life

How to Charge For Creative Work (Part 1)

This is a question that all artists and designers have to address at some point, and it’s a question that sends us, grimacing, to hide behind easels and under desks. We worry about charging too much, about not charging enough, about how to explain fair pay to customers and patrons, and not least of all, we worry about doing the math (artists, by-and-large, are not naturally mathy people). When we at Merion Art started this blog, this was the first topic we thought of, and we’re finally about to delve in! In this two-part post we’ll be asking several of our on-staff artists and designers, with a variety of different business models, pricing structures, and target markets, how they make money from their artwork. … More How to Charge For Creative Work (Part 1)

Why You Should Shop Small, Local, & In Person For Art Supplies

These days most people know it’s good to “Shop Small” or “Think Globally, Shop Locally,” but they don’t always know why. You may buy all organic local vegetables, but don’t know why you’d be better off buying your paints or canvas from a small local store like Merion Art, rather than at a big-box store or online. Here are some reasons why shopping for your art supplies in person, at small, local stores can be good for you, your community, and your wallet, all at the same time. … More Why You Should Shop Small, Local, & In Person For Art Supplies