The Many Uses of Vintage Pantone Papers

The Many Uses of Vintage Pantone Papers- Back in the day, in the 1970s and 80s, computers were not ubiquitous. Designers needed ways to control colors and gradients in their artwork, without the aid of Adobe programs. This is where Pantone Paper came in…When computers rose to prominence, we were often left with a huge stock of Pantone papers. They are beautiful, useful, interesting, and historical, and we’d love to get some of these papers into the hands of an adoring public again. … More The Many Uses of Vintage Pantone Papers

Join Merion Art & COSACOSA To Help McClure Elementary

Merion Art has been working with various non-profits in the Greater Philadelphia area for years. We provide lower-cost art supplies, large-order custom framing, and printing and design services to various groups who help those in need, while promoting arts education and experiences. “COSACOSA art at large, Inc. is a non-profit organization creating new public art specific to the … More Join Merion Art & COSACOSA To Help McClure Elementary

Brush Basics

At Merion Art, we talk to newbies as often as we talk to experienced artists. For every driven creative who comes in with a brand name, size, shape and color, we have someone who comes in asking “I need a brush- how do I even choose?” We speak to countless moms or new students standing, … More Brush Basics

Intro to Framing Canvas

Framing a canvas is different from framing a photo or a work of art on paper. There are specific techniques and considerations for stretching and framing canvases, and it’s important to have an understanding of what those things entail. On a canvas, framing acts as embellishment, protection, and a method for display, and properly stretching … More Intro to Framing Canvas

In Praise of Art Supply Brand Websites

“While we always recommend talking to your Art Materials Retailer for info on your art supplies, sometimes it’s more effective to go straight to the source. After all, the people who make your favorite art supplies often have an incredibly deep knowledge of the products they develop. Many art supply manufacturers have websites with a wealth of information that can be useful to the artist who reads carefully. Manufacturer websites can also be a great place to find safety sheets, detailed product specifications, project ideas, art communities, specialized apps, and more. Here are a few manufacturer websites which we feel merit special recognition.” … More In Praise of Art Supply Brand Websites

3 Reasons to Custom Frame Your License or Diploma

“From pet stores, to beauty salons, to lawyers, to doctors, many businesses have official documents which are required by law to be posted in public view. Diplomas, certificates, licenses, awards…there’s a plethora of important paperwork that should be visible to clients and customers. While business people are required to “post” these documents, there is nothing that requires them to be posted nicely. All too often, I see them taped to walls, crooked inside plastic frames, fading in direct sunlight, and crinkling in humidity. Here are 3 reasons I believe you and your business can benefit from custom framing these documents instead.” … More 3 Reasons to Custom Frame Your License or Diploma

“MFA: Yes or No?” Personal Reflections on Grad School from Darryl Smith

Darryl Smith is leaving Merion Art for Grad School, and he wants to share his thoughts on why he’s going for his MFA and whether or not you should too- “Now that I am going to grad school soon, I wanted to talk about why exactly I am getting my masters degree in Drawing, and help you to decide whether getting a masters degree, or any degree, in the fine arts might or might not be a path for you…” … More “MFA: Yes or No?” Personal Reflections on Grad School from Darryl Smith