Plein Air Spring Sale Product Spotlight!

Spring is FINALLY here! (Okay, so far it’s been more like summer, but it’s better than The-Winter-That-Would-Not-End) It’s finally time to get outside for some Plein air painting! We’re having a plein-air-centric Spring Sale to celebrate the lovely weather and encourage everyone to get out there and paint! This sale continues ’til June 21st, so there’s time to try all kinds of different plein air techniques. Here are some details on what products are on sale, and why you should get excited: … More Plein Air Spring Sale Product Spotlight!

The Many Uses of Vintage Pantone Papers

The Many Uses of Vintage Pantone Papers- Back in the day, in the 1970s and 80s, computers were not ubiquitous. Designers needed ways to control colors and gradients in their artwork, without the aid of Adobe programs. This is where Pantone Paper came in…When computers rose to prominence, we were often left with a huge stock of Pantone papers. They are beautiful, useful, interesting, and historical, and we’d love to get some of these papers into the hands of an adoring public again. … More The Many Uses of Vintage Pantone Papers

Curate Your Life

Curation in the art world involves the selection and organization of works of art for display. It requires careful attention, mindfulness, and thoughtful decision-making. Art curators choose what will appear in a show or exhibit, and decide which pieces will go where. Choosing where something will go can be as important as choosing what pieces … More Curate Your Life

Intro to Framing Canvas

Framing a canvas is different from framing a photo or a work of art on paper. There are specific techniques and considerations for stretching and framing canvases, and it’s important to have an understanding of what those things entail. On a canvas, framing acts as embellishment, protection, and a method for display, and properly stretching … More Intro to Framing Canvas

Why You Should Shop Small, Local, & In Person For Art Supplies

These days most people know it’s good to “Shop Small” or “Think Globally, Shop Locally,” but they don’t always know why. You may buy all organic local vegetables, but don’t know why you’d be better off buying your paints or canvas from a small local store like Merion Art, rather than at a big-box store or online. Here are some reasons why shopping for your art supplies in person, at small, local stores can be good for you, your community, and your wallet, all at the same time. … More Why You Should Shop Small, Local, & In Person For Art Supplies

Exciting New Products, and Why We Chose Them!

“At Merion Art, we are constantly bringing in new products throughout the year to make sure we’re carrying the most interesting, useful, and up-to-date art supplies. Along with all the logistical changes going on at Merion Art right now, (like the store remodel and a planned outer-facade facelift) we’re also getting in a larger-than-usual surge of exciting new items in the near future, and we want to give our customers a heads up!” … More Exciting New Products, and Why We Chose Them!

“WORTH IT!” What To Prioritize When Buying Art Supplies

“For the savvy artist, shopping for art supplies can be a delicate balancing act. You try to walk the fine line between buying the highest quality materials and going broke. The trick is knowing which items you can save on, and which items to splurge on. We often trade tips about where we can cut corners and how to save money, but what about the other side of the equation? We asked our staff of experienced artists: when buying art supplies, which things do you always recommend spending a little extra money on?” … More “WORTH IT!” What To Prioritize When Buying Art Supplies